Lirik lagu Agnes Monica - Let's Fall In Love Again (AGNEZ MO)

June 25, 2013

Let's Fall In Love Again (AGNEZ MO)

Taken from the album #AGNEZMO 2013

sittin in the studio right in
texting on the telephone
playing little games we are love it
we are going back and forth
do you wanna come on over
to watch me sing in the clue
i think that you just might like it
cause i won't let step for you

lets fall in love again
tonight lets deep on the edge
you looking at me
i'm looking at you
you like what too simple i to do
so lets fall in love again
fall in love again
ladida dida la di da di da da da da da
ladida dida ladi da day

Look how that you got me flashin
like i'm sixteen years old
in your fresh white tee and your bluejeans
saying that i'm beautiful

you know how to get me smiling
i think i'm gonna have to confess
good guy got me distracted
so let me play the song for you

i think i'm ready for little danger
boy so too rush when we touch
you played dangerous
everytime (get up)
looking thru your eyes
make me want to dive right over boy 

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